Uppsala University

Sep 2014 - Jan 2017

Uppsala, Sweden

Bachelor - Media and communication

The education is a combination of Strategical Communication and Digital Media, mostly from a theoretical point of view. The courses in digital media has been focusing on how to use ICT for development. As a complement to these courses I have also studied Information Systems for one term which gave me an basic understanding of C# programming, data bases and system development.

Viktor Rydberg

Aug 2010 - June 2013

Stockholm, Sweden

High School - Social science

I was not a big fan of the physical science when i went to high school and therefore I decided to study a combination of social science where I could write a lot and creative subjects. My top grades was in different kinds of art and physical theater, which opened my eyes even more for creative communication.

If Insurance

June 2016 - current

Stockholm, Sweden

Costumer service for car insurances

If Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in Sweden, which is giving me great responsibility and further developing my communication skills.

The Social Science Association 

May 2015 - June 2016

Uppsala, Sweden

In charge of the mentorship program, and SI leader

During two semesters I was a member of the board in the student association responsible for two bachelor courses in social science. I was in charge of the mentorship program, which offers the first year students help with their studies. This program is a so called Supplemental Instruction (SI), an academic support model that uses peer-assisted study sessions outside of class.


More information about SI can be found at University of Missouri-Kansas Citys website, who created the program. (Some university specific information is not relevant for the program i was in charge of)

Långbro Värdshus

April 2014 - Dec 2015

Stockholm, Sweden


The high expectation of the quality of service was well suited for my good work ethic, and my ability to handle stress and multitasking. I found it awarding when the expectations from the guests was fulfilled, and even more when the food and the service was well over their expectations. This improved my communication and social skills.

Restaurant Devils Table and Jacks bar

Dec 2013 - April 2014

Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines


My friend and I decided to go travel after high school, so after a moth skiing in Banff in Canada we ended up on a small island in the Caribbean. Bequia is only 18 km2 big and is a real paradise. We started working for a Swedish couple that owns two restaurants on the island. This was an incredible opportunity, and after half a year there I was much more secure in my self, had learned so much from working in a different culture and I had improved my English a lot.

English (daily use)

Swedish (mother tongue)

Spanish (un poco)

C# (very basic)


Driving license since 2013

Educated barista - license from Espresso House in 2012 

Published for ERGO - three articles in the official university magazine in Uppsala, reviewing all of the locations for students and their food. All of them was well recognized both by students and the restaurants.

What I love


Food - cooking by myself, but especially trying new resturants

Tea - preferably several cups a day

Art -  I love to draw and paint, and to see what other have on their walls

Travel - everywhere, and especially in combination with amazing food

What I want to learn


Longboarding - dare to take that really steep hill

Interactive media - or actually learn more about media in generall


Create the best website ever seen!